Restructa have invested heavily in state of the art glass cleaning technology. Glass fractions from the CRT units are passed through a tumbling process to create glass cullet to be re-used within manufacturing processes, the process creates a by-product of glass dust.

Glass fragments are processed to specifications issued to us by our end users of the product, in essence glass is cleaned and sorted to remove any contamination, bagged into high quality bulk bags and loaded for shipment
Dust resulting from the panel glass processing is re-used within the floor screed industry.
We are currently looking at alternative methods for treatment of the funnel glass dust and will continue to update our website when this information is available.
Restructa currently process our own glass as well as on behalf of other clients, all WEEE legislation environmental targets are met and confirmation of this can be issued to any parties interested in using our service.
If you require a quote for your class cleaning requirements please contact us on 01294 203 555
Restructa can supply containers for our clients to store glass for processes, these can be stacked two high on articulated lorries to allow haulage to be used efficiently, our partner transport company who are based in Ayrshire offers competitive rates for return loads.
Due to health and safety issues Restructa would not accept bulk tippers to be delivered to the site, we believe this is not the most effective way of handling glass material, and by using our containers which can be supplied to you there is no issue with lesser payloads being loaded onto articulated lorries.

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