Q.  Why are CRT’s/monitors regarded as hazardous?
A. Because of the Phosphor coating on the inside of the panel glass and the lead content of the funnel glass.

Q. What percentage of business WEEE is recycled?
A. Approx 97%

Q. How can we be sure that our waste will not be traded on the world market then dumped to pollute third world countries?

Q. What happens to my hard drives, is the process secure?
A. On request we can provide you with a certificate of secure destruction as proof that your hard drive has been securely destroyed.

Q. How is the equipment collected?
A. Restructa has a Waste Carriers Licence which allows us to uplift this hazardous waste.  Depending on the quantity of material for uplift we will send one of our own vehicles which ranges in size from 3.5t to 18t truck.

Q. How quickly can an uplift be arranged (Business)?
A. As TV's and monitors are classed as hazardous waste each collection must be consigned on legal paperwork.  This process takes 3 days.

Q. How quickly can an uplift be arranged (household)?
A. Generally collections can be completed within 5 working days, this is subject to you providing us with the relevant information and packaging the TV for collection.

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